Design process, 1 million meals a week

Get a glimpse of our design process for Revolution Foods, US

With focus on user centered design, VADVAD ID set out to interview Revolution Foods stakeholders, from executives and chefs to line workers and drivers, students, school staff and school leaders, in order to understand not only the food preparation, storage, heating and transportation processes but also the students’ aspirations for, and emotional perceptions of, the packaging and foods.

Eventually,  packaging strategy was crafted, concepts were designed, discarded, reworked and hundreds of hours were spent in the kitchen with chefs, testing new materials, food quality, mock ups and 3D prints during 1:1 operations.

Focus group tests with 9th and 10th graders from Texas and Washington DC stated that the new packaging was: “cool, clean, pretty, cute, like summer camp, much better to hold” and “that the food tastes much better"!

After an intensive 1½ year of development a full range of custom designed packaging was launched in the US.

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