about VADVAD


Yes, design matters!

VADVAD ID is a dedicated international design studio specializing in serving the modern culture of food and dining.

Our unique ability to combine a profound understanding of emotional design and materials with in-depth know-how of industrial production processes and green design solutions not only sets us apart but creates products that will put you ahead of your competitors.

We work closely with the table top, home accessories and food industry and provide design solutions with all the benefits of industrial optimization and cost reduction paired with the qualities of user-centered, custom-brand design.

Yes, design matters!

And not only on the bottom line where VADVAD ID has a proven track record, having  saved their last client $650,000 annually on custom-designed packaging, material optimization, operations and labor.

Design matters to create user centered, market proven design solutions that strengthen your brand and make your food both look and taste better.

Yes, it´s actually true. The American students eating out of VADVAD IDs latest packaging emphasized that they believed the food tastes much better than before and this drives up participation and market shares.

Design does matter!

We are highly experienced in design strategy and product development, from the initial idea to commercialization, and we are adept at managing projects and using cross functional teams to make it all happen.

VADVAD ID founder and creative spearhead Lene Vad Jensen is an internationally renowned design professional with clients such a Villeroy&Boch, Leonardo, Kahla, Rosti and Revolution Foods.

With her background in sculptural ceramics and her conceptual approach to design, she has a unique ability to tweak industrial processes and create innovative product design.

Her design work has been exhibited worldwide and recognized in various international design publications on eco design.

Raised in Denmark, she has lived in the US, England, Germany and Colombia.