EAT™School packaging design

CPH House of Foods, Denmark

VADVAD ID was invited to create environmentally friendly packaging for the new school meal concept "EAT™", for all public schools in Copenhagen.

By partnering with students, chefs, graphic designers and anthropologists, VADVAD ID was able to define a holistic approach to improving the wellbeing of children ages 6-15 through healthy food and food packaging, resulting in custom design of the compostable and biodegradable lunch box, "EAT™".

Throughout the process, VADVAD ID supported public procurement and worked closely with packaging manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and most competitive price.

EAT_2w EAT_3w EAT_4_w EAT_5w EAT_6w EAT_7w EAT_8w EAT_9w EAT_10w EAT_11 EAT_12 EAT_13w EAT_14w